Thermos Extra Large Cork, 2-Pack
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Thermos Extra Large Cork, 2-Pack

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  • Introducing the handy Cork Stopper at LowKey 420 – a clever addition to your smoking accessories. This cork stopper, originally used in thermos bottles, now finds its way into a smoker's toolkit as a resourceful tool for managing your smoking sessions.
  • With a diameter of 1.313 inches, these cork stoppers are made from naturally buoyant and impermeable cork, a prime subset of bark tissue, ensuring quality and an environmentally-friendly choice. Their natural cork construction is designed for versatility and can be cut to the desired length, making them suitable for a variety of bowl sizes.
  • These stoppers are ideal for momentarily covering your loaded bowl. They assist in conserving your herbs by reducing the burn rate when you're taking a pause. It's a simple yet effective way to make the most out of your herbs. Although they don't provide an airtight seal or completely trap the aroma inside the bowl, they are quite useful in managing the burn efficiency of your session.
  • Proudly sourced from the United States, these cork stoppers are a great example of how a traditional item can be repurposed to enhance your smoking experience. They're easy to handle, practical, and a sustainable choice for the environmentally-conscious smoker.
  • Add a touch of practicality to your smoking routine with these cork stoppers, now available at LowKey 420. They're not just for bottles anymore – they're a smart, simple solution for a more controlled and efficient smoking experience.

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