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Whether you're a newbie or a connoisseur, we've got the best deals for you. Make sure to check back often because we'll be updating this list whenever new products are added. If you have any questions about any of these items, don't hesitate to ask our friendly support team!






SKROM MYP Large 3-inch Black Herb Grinder


Sharp Teeth: 50 pcs sharp teeth by CNC, it makes grinding easier. Large Size: 3-inch grinder can grind more at once.

Large Size: 3-inch grinder can grind more at once.

Strong Magnetism: Provides a smooth grinding feel and fits perfectly in any hand size for maximum comfort during use. Durable Material & Guarantee: High-quality anodized coloring which is durable enough to last you years without any damage or chipping with proper usage.

Durable Material & Guarantee: High-quality anodized coloring which is durable enough to last you years without any damage or chipping with proper usage.


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YATSAR 3-inch Gold Herb Grinder


The YATSAR 3-inch Gold Herb Grinder is the perfect accessory for your kitchen and herb collection. This sharp blade grinder is made with high-quality materials, ensuring that it will last. In addition, this herb grinder features a strong magnetic lid that holds onto your freshly ground herbs as well as an easy way to pick up stray pieces from the bottom of your bowl. The teeth on this grinder are also incredibly sharp, allowing you to easily break apart even large amounts of herbs at once (this makes for faster grinding than most other grinders). It's also worth noting that this particular grinder has a very high capacity—it can hold around 2 tablespoons of spices at a time!

This grinder comes in two colors: gold or silver/black aluminum alloy material. Both colors come with five different textures available: mirror finish/matte black aluminum alloy; mirror finish/silver aluminum alloy; white pearl powder coating; matte black aluminum alloy; satin nickel plating over stainless steel construction


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Turimon Black Electric Herb Grinder with a Cleaning Brush - 4.2 oz Capacity


The Turimon Black Electric Herb Grinder is one of the most effective grinders on Amazon Prime Day 2019.

It has a powerful 150W electric motor, and it's ultra-compact design helps you get your job done in seconds. The grinding chamber holds up to 4 oz of herb at once, so you can grind plenty without having to repeat the process over again. What's more is that this grinder comes with a cleaning brush for easy maintenance after use!


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Kitchen Torch With Butane included - Refillable Butane Torch With Safety Lock & Adjustable Flame + Fuel gauge


If you’ve ever thought about learning how to cook at home but find yourself intimidated by the idea of working with fire, then our culinary torch is for you! The Jo Chef Superior RX includes 2 canisters of butane fuel so that it can be used right out of the box. With adjustable temperature settings up to 2,370 degrees Fahrenheit and multiple safety features built in, this safe and easy-to-use culinary tool lets anyone turn their culinary dreams into reality. More than just another kitchen tool, our torch also allows you to perfect your jewelry-making skills or weld small plastics—and once dinner is done cooking, you can sit back and enjoy lighting cigars or candles with its flame!


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Refillable Torch Lighter, Windproof Triple Jet Flame Butane Lighter with Safety Lock - Rainbow Colored (Butane Not Included)


Powerful Triple Jet Flame Torch Lighter: Features a super hot blue flame that ignites easily even in windy conditions. The triple jet burner makes it a more powerful and windproof option than single jet torch lighters.

Refillable & Adjustable Butane Lighter: It has a universal refill valve and comes in screw-based flame adjuster. This durable refillable lighter uses butane gas as fuel. It can be easily Refilled up using any butane gas canister with a long nozzle.

Sturdy Metal Body & Unique Rainbow color: It's made of high quality zinc alloy material. The unique rainbow color and the elegant box package is the best gift for man. Suits for both indoor and outdoor use, great for lighting up stoves, fireplace, candles, campfires or barbecue grills etc. It's also ideal for DIY crafts such as working on projects around the house (woodworking) etc. After-sale Service:, We offer 30-day replace guarantee and 1-year warranty service if you have any questions please feel free to contact us we will provide perfect solution.


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Anrapley Lighter with Fuel Level Window, Windproof Pen Lighter Adjustable Jet Flame - Black(Gas not Included)

The perfect blend of style and function. This is an extremely high quality refillable butane torch lighter that's durable and feels great in your hand. It has a built-in window making it easy to see how much fuel you have left without having to open the lid every time! If you're looking for a sleek new lighter that does everything you need at an affordable price then look no further than this one right here because we can't recommend enough!


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SUPRUS Electric Lighter Windproof Flameless USB Lighter, Rechargeable with Safety Lock (Gold)


This electric lighter is a must have for anyone who needs an extra hand around the house or on camping trips. The sleek design makes it easy to carry around and hard to lose, so you won't have to worry about losing it in a dark corner like normal candles.

The sparker will automatically stop after 7 seconds, then you can restart by pressing the power button again. This safety feature prevents accidents such as burning yourself when trying to relight another candle or forgetting there was still one lit before going into bed at night!

This windproof electric lighter has been designed with child safety in mind so that everyone can enjoy using them without worrying about getting burned! You don't even need matches anymore because all you have to do is press down on this little guy's head until he starts glowing orange and voila! Just hold him up near whatever you're trying lighting up (candles work great) and wait until they catch fire before setting them down gently... No more burnt fingers from striking flint rocks together either! They're perfect for lighting your grill while cooking out at picnics with friends during warm summer nights too :)


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WEIGHTMAN Digital Scale Gram, 200g/0.01g Pocket Scale Gold Titanium Plating, LCD Backlit Display, Battery Included


You can use this scale to weigh down things like jewelry, coins, gems, metals and more. It's a good way to make sure that your possessions are worth what they're supposed to be worth when buying or selling them on the market.

The product comes with a 1-year warranty and lifetime customer service guarantee so if something goes wrong with your scale during those first 12 months after purchase we'll replace it for free!


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Bongy Kong Glass, Plastic, & Acrylic Cleaner 32oz - Tropical Essence Scent - Powerful, Concentrated Glass Cleaning Solution 


This is a concentrated, high performance formula that can easily handle the types of messes typically found on glass, plastics, acrylics and more. Safe & effective enough to handle tough oils, carbons and oxidation stains to make clean up easier than ever before.

Our proprietary BK Formula contains all natural ingredients which are biodegradable & non-toxic yet highly effective in breaking down stubborn contaminants like sticky oils, carbon deposits & debris from your surfaces; restoring you glass/plastic/acrylic surface back to like new condition! The tropical essence added smell makes this process a little more enjoyable as well! Made with premium grade USA manufactured products. If you are not satisfied for any reason at all - let us know!


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Green Piece Glass Cleaner 1 Bottle - 16 oz


Imagine a glass cleaner you can finally feel good about using. We're not talking about just any old glass cleaner, but one that's completely Earth-friendly and biodegradable. That's right, you can use Green Piece Glass Cleaner on all your devices without worrying about hurting the environment! This amazing product is made from natural ingredients and works wonders on TV screens, cell phones, laptops, tablets and computers as well as metal surfaces like cars or bikes. It also has an added bonus of deodorizing your piece so that it smells fresh after cleaning it!

You're probably wondering how this incredible product does everything it does for such a low price. Well here's the thing: we've been selling this amazing glass cleaner for years now because its formula never disappoints! In fact we think everyone should have at least one bottle around in case of emergencies (and they will come up).


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Stash Storage Odor Proof Bags Kit (Green)


This is a great product for anyone who wants to keep their storage items smell proof and safe from prying eyes! The kit includes 1 main compartment odor proof bag, 3 extra large size odor proof bags, 2 tubes and 1 glass stash jar. With this smell proof bag set and wrist strap design, you can carry this odor proof pouch easier and very easy to use. It's perfect for keeping the smell locked in to avoid attracting attention in public areas or at home.

The NEW SMELL PROOF POUCH: HomeAl Odor Proof Bags use upgrade advanced carbon fiber technology which makes them stronger than ever before while maintaining their flexibility so they won't break easily when stored under heavy weight conditions like other bags do sometimes happen which may lead harmful chemicals leak out through cracks caused by impact damage during shipment process (for example glass pieces).

All In One ODOR PROOF POUCH SET: This kit includes 1 main compartment odor proof bag +3 extra large size odor proof bags +2 tubes +1 glass stash jar all together make it perfect for storing herbs & spices without worrying about air circulation causing smokey smells escaping into your kitchen cabinets as well as providing quick access points into each individual container without having to open up multiple containers at once making it difficult know where everything goes back too when finished using them all day long every day 7 days per week since we live such busy lives nowadays don't ya think?


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Coryamon Silicone Straw with Storage Bag, & Personal Tubes


Have a simple and convenient life

More easily used in most occasions

Great gift for your family and friends

High quality silicone material, comfortable to use, soft and lightweight.

Made of 100% food grade silicone material, FDA approved, BPA free and lead free. Dishwasher safe & microwave safe (Please watch out not to put it in the oven or frying pan).

Perfect for kids who like drinking milk with straws as a healthy alternative to plastic straws! It's an environmental friendly product which can help reduce plastic wastes by up to 50%. You will be amazed how easy it is to use! Your kids will love their new drinking experience using this glass drinking straws set! This is really a great thing if you want your children drink more milk or juice without making big messes around your house from those plastic cups that are impossible for toddlers/kids since they cannot hold them well enough due to their small hands so often times ending up spilling all over themselves when trying again.


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Aluminum Storage Jar Portable Airtight Smell Proof Container - 80ml

This jar is the perfect gift for anyone who wants to store their herb or tobacco product in style. It looks stylish, feels good in your hand and won't break if you drop it on the floor! The rubber seal keeps out any smells so that nobody knows what's inside - perfect for keeping your stash away from nosey roommates or co-workers.


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Jaaytct Smell Proof Bag with Lock, 9x6 inches, PU Leather odor Proof Case Container for Travel Storage (Marble Blue)


John was in a hurry because he was running late for a date. He wanted to impress his date with some flowers, but didn't have time to go out and buy them. So he decided to stop by his local grocery store and pick up some roses from the produce section. But when he got there, he realized that the only roses left were wilted ones with no smell left in them at all!

What should John do? If only there was some way to keep these flowers fresh longer...

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Smell Proof Bag Stash Box with Combination Lock

Whether you are traveling, hiking or out on a job interview, smell proof bags can come in handy. They are small enough to fit into any purse or backpack, making them easy to conceal. This odorless smell proof stash box measures 10 x 7 x 4.5inch and is available in three different colors: black, grey and orange (the color will be selected by us according to the stock). Its interior lining is made of neoprene which will provide maximum protection from rain or spillage as well as keep your items fresh . The exterior boasts heavy duty material with a zipper closure so you don't have to worry about someone opening it up accidentally! This odorless bag also comes with 3 removable dividers inside that allow for customization depending on what kind of accessories you want stored inside - great for storing valuables like jewelry or even electronics such as laptops! With all these features combined together we know our customers will love this product so much they'll want to buy more than one!


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So, if you're looking to shop the Amazon Prime Day deals, don't forget to check out some of our great IVXX deals. We have everything you need to get started and save money on cannabis products!

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