Spring into Growing Season with New Lowkey IVXX Recommendations

Greenhouse Grow Tents

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Spring is around the corner, and it’s time to get ready for growing season. To help you prepare, we’ve added four new products to the Lowkey IVXX website that will make growing your cannabis and other herbs discreet and easy.

First, we have the VIVOSUN 48x48x80-Inch grow tent, which comes with a complete kit to help promote plant growth, including an LED grow light, elastic trellis netting, and grow bags. The tent is made of 100% reflective Mylar to ensure your plants absorb the nutrients they need.

VIVOSUN 8 x 4 Roof Grow Tent, which is sold separately from the complete kit. It offers discreet and efficient cannabis growing with light-proof sealing, litchi reflective mylar lining, sturdy metal frame, and a slanted roof design to maximize space. The smooth-sliding zippers and observation window flap allow easy access for plant monitoring.

Next, we have the Palram Glory greenhouse, designed for professional gardening enthusiasts. The reinforced gray powder-coated aluminum frame and thick twin-wall polycarbonate panels make this a professional-grade greenhouse that can be heated and cooled for year-round use. The heavy-duty lockable door ensures your plants stay safe and discreet.

The EcoGrow 2 greenhouse is perfect for first-time greenhouse growers. With a compact size, twin-wall polycarbonate panels and easy assembly, you'll have a safe and secure growing environment. The roof panels slide into place, and the hinged door with latch and roof vent provide excellent ventilation. 

With these new products, you can grow your plants discreetly and with ease, ensuring that your cannabis and other herbs thrive. So get ready for spring and head over to our Lowkey Faves Collection!

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